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brityn • 2011 senior • floydada high school

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Have I mentioned that I LOVE seniors? Especially ones that are enthusiastic, fun, and up for anything- which describes Brytin pretty well! This girl is pretty much involved in EVERYTHING at her school, and I have a feeling she is pretty darn good at it all as well. :) Brityn was smart to get her portraits done in the fall when it is still warm and green outside, and you still have a summer tan! We had a great session- here are some of my favorites:


I'm not going to lie, this next image was a total accident. I was getting adjusted and my finger just happened to hit the shutter. Happy accident!

Thanks, Brityn, for being so patient while I sorted through my computer issues. Hope they were worth the wait!

P.S. 2011 Seniors- be sure to enter my "Shoot Me For Free Contest"! I'm giving away a FREE photoshoot along with a Canon Powershot digital camera- plus iTunes giftcards!