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A (little) update!

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It's been one month since Knox was born, and it seems like time has just flown by...and at the same time, dragged on. He keeps growing and changing (as does any sense of "routine" around here), and still I couldn't tell you what I've been doing for the past few weeks, haha. I am absolutely loving all the tiny new developments he makes day-to-day- smiling a little bit bigger, following us with his eyes, recognizing our voices, and holding our hands when he's having a bottle. He is such a precious, laid-back child. We took a little trip with some friends to Santa Fe last weekend and he was such a great little traveler! (Plus, we have some very patient and caring friends.) I'm sure some people must have thought I was crazy toting around a 1 month old in the cold (don't worry- he was kept very warm!), but being able to adventure with Knox has been one of the things Shawn and I looked forward to most. 

Personally, I've felt a little blindsided at times. I'm not sure I would have ever been able to fully prepare myself for this transition (haha- if I could have, you KNOW I would have!). I've longed for some sense of a schedule- any bit of organization I could get! Everyone has said that it just takes time, which I'm finding to be true. Yesterday I realized that I've basically taken on a new career as Mommy and now have two jobs. (You mothers reading this are probably thinking "Yeah, duh!"). Seeing life this way has helped tons- instead of worrying about what I'm not getting done, I can focus on doing what I can well. I still have a passion for photography, my clients and my business. I can't wait to be shooting again. People have asked if I will stop shooting weddings- the answer is no! We have a jam-packed summer planned this year and so many exciting spring shoots.

I've done my best to document this little guy week-to-week, and I have to say it has been a challenge! I'm finally gaining some organization and energy back, but in those first few weeks finding the time to shower was a victorious occasion. Did I mention we have AWESOME family and friends? They have SO been there for us- doing everything like bringing yummy homemade meals to making grocery runs to restocking toilet paper and cleaning. Their kind attitudes have been such a blessing- and a great reminder to just enjoy the process. Thank you all for loving us so much!

Finally- here are a few pictures of weeks 1,2, and 3- you can see that poor Knox has dealt very patiently with his mother's every whim for a photo. :)


1 Week Old


2 Weeks Old


3 Weeks Old