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our easter 2011

lissa-anglin2 Comments

Life has been going at a fast and furious rate around here since I went "back" to work. And of course, we like it that way, but it was so nice to actually relax this weekend. We made it to Borger where both our famillies are, ate a lot, and talked a lot. It was good. 

But before that, Knox and I had an unscheduled appointment with a flowery background and some confetti eggs. I just happened to have my camera around, and it isn't too often that so many elements convene and demand to be photographed together. :) I'm pretty sure Knox will hate me for these later, like he hated me for it then (note his overly excited expression..not). The "I'm with the band" onesie was a gift from our friends Richard and Claire.

Knox also took his first dip in the pool...and LOVED it! I kind of couldn't believe how long he stayed there.