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the popchoke family • lubbock, tx

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The Popchoke family are no strangers to this blog- I got to photograph both Lauren and Emily's senior sessions and a family session for them a couple of years ago. Terri, a.k.a. Super-Mom, emailed me a few weeks ago to let me know they'd like some photos that include Marcus, a foreign exchange student from Denmark who has become part of their family in the past year.

She also let me know that her husband, Roy, had suddenly and recently passed away just before Christmas. As I read her message, I was totally caught off guard. I had no idea that Roy was gone- and I was quickly reminded of the brevity of this short life. The first thing I did was go back to the pictures I shot for them last. I had no idea of the future at that time- no one did. And then I realized just how blessed I am to get to have captured some small part of Roy's life. I mean, that's my job- and my calling- I'm here to tell people's stories. And in moments like that one I realize just what an honor it is to photograph someone. When I asked Terri how she was doing, her response blew me away-

"So, its been 5 months....and I've been blessed beyond measure. God puts the right person in my path at the right time, I have an angel of a friend who gets my kids to and fro while I'm at work....
Anyway, am I okay? Yes...I'm as okay as I can be. I miss him every single day....
The kids are AMAZING. I really do not know what I'd do without them....and they are so strong. 
This is a time when I'm so glad to have such a good family and a good church home, they've been wonderful :)
So, we're making it....things have changed for sure, but God has something in mind with all of this, I just can't see it yet....but I trust Him, completely."

(Shared with her permission.)

Reading this, I was reminded of the enormity God's grace for us- how He comforts us and makes us strong. Terri and her family are such a beautiful picture of what it means to live by faith and hope for Heaven. They blessed me so much in the time I got to spend with them. 

They chose to wear Life is Good shirts in honor of Roy, who I'm sure enjoyed seeing them all together.

Thank you, Popchoke family, for teaching me, trusting God, and letting your light shine. :)