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my sister's engaged!

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For those of you who weren't notified on Facebook, my sister Lauren is engaged! Haha, it actually happened a couple weeks ago, and I am super late in posting this, but I figured better late than never and you guys might enjoy some photos. :)

We headed to Borger for the Fourth of July holiday/to see family that was in town/to shoot a wedding, and secretly, to be there for Steven's proposal! I had a feeling when we took this family photo in April (and didn't take a non-Steven one), that this would be coming pretty soon. :) 

Steven was über-organized about it and made sure that everyone would be able to make it to Borger for the big date. It was madness the day of. We all tried to maintain a cool composure, but there was a bit of anxiousness in the air. The good kind. I arrived at my parents' house to see Lauren wearing an oversized button up shirt and cutoff jean shorts. Not proposal material. So Layne and I heavily hinted that she should change because we were "going to take pictures" later that day. 

Here we are trying to be casual. Our cousins from California/Colorado/Tennessee were all here and it was fantastic to see them. We have an awesome family.


Then Steven's family started showing up, along with Lauren's friends from Baylor...

A close-up of the custom made ring. It is SO Lauren. Steven used a marquis cut diamond that is over 80 years old. Apparently the diamond came from an heirloom piece that was originally a collection of marquis diamonds- they have been given to women throughout his family and his Mom's engagement ring also has a diamond from the same piece. Pretty cool!

My Dad took Lauren to the grocery store with an extra-long list, and Steven had those who were not supposed to be there in the house, while the rest of us sat around the pool area. Lauren was greeted by Steven's family, who handed her a card.

Shocked face #1:

Then, my Gigi handed her a card...

Enter college friends...who came from far and wide to be there. They are awesome.



Pretty sure she knew what was going on at this point. Shocked face #2:



Enter Steven. I have a feeling she was pretty excited to see him!

Of course the card he gave her was the biggest of them all. 

Shocked face #3:

This is the traveling jest (jean+vest). Apparently it has made its rounds between these three and has been worn post-engagement, through road trips, and other adventures. 

Taking the official "We just got engaged!" photos.

This is my cousin, Amanda, who came to intern with me the week before. She. was. awesome. You'll see more of her as I get caught up.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing, hanging out, and eating some delicious brisket that Steven's Dad made. Man it was good. 

This is baby Rusten. He was born just a few months before Knox, and this was our first time to meet him!

We gave Knox his first taste of peach. He loved it!

The morning of the Fourth, we participated in a little parade that Shawn's parents' neighborhood hosts. Without much preparation, Larry threw together our own little float, and we were off- dogs and all!

This is Shawn's one-too-many-pictures face:

This is Knox's new cousin Sydney. She is so tiny and sweet!

We had a great time. Lots of excitement and time with family. And a new brother-in-law! Congratulations you guys! We love you!