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my 2011 in review, and a contest!

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One thing that I have learned running my own business is that I LOVE closure. Like, really love it. Nothing excites me more than to see all the loose ends tied up and wrapped into a pretty package. 

I've come to realize, though, that life is messy. And I'm beginning to appreciate that just the same.

I decided to do a little looking back, mostly for my sake. But I'm posting it here as well- maybe it will give you some insight as to what goes on behind the scenes. :) Here are my 2011 Accomplishments and Struggles. 


Struggles/To-Do List

• Invest in clients more- cultivate an EXCELLENT experience.

• Further define my artistic style- what I do and do not do, push my creative boundaries more.

• More focused efficiency in my workflow.

• Seek God's purpose for my little business. Nothing happens by accident.

• Keep up with friends better. Be intentional. Be available.

• Nail down a new RAW workflow. (Until now I've shot in JPG exclusively- and I'm thinking it's time to make the switch)

• Monthly Lissa Likes posts. They kind of stopped when Knox came along. :)




• Had a baby! Kept him alive and happy. :) Of course, I had a LOT of help from parents, friends, and these two- my little sister, Layne, and my intern, Casi. Thank you all for helping me with the biggest and best accomplishment of my life so far!

• Kept my business afloat and flourishing while being a Mom. This I was super nervous about. I worried about it for pretty much the entire 9 months I was pregnant. Of course, this too would not have been possible without the help of the people mentioned above.

• Was featured in The Knot Texas and on the blog One Stylish Bride.

• Took a big leap of faith with Shawn's job- more on this later!

• Stayed out of debt!

• Started to work with the youth at our church.

• Grew our marriage. A friend's Mom once told us that couples in a healthy marriage need to date weekly, retreat monthly, and vacation yearly. I think we have accomplished this almost 100%.

• Was featured as Forbeyon's photographer of the month

• Shot 20 weddings and 94 portrait sessions. 15 of the 20 brides already have their wedding album in their hands, which is something that's been super important for me. 


And now, for a contest! 

How many images have I shot in the year 2011, total?


Write your guess in a comment below! The winner will get a $15 iTunes gift card and will be the one that guesses the number, or is the closest without going over. Contest ends Wednesday at noon!