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Lissa Likes • October 2010

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 It's time for another edition of Lissa Likes! (You can check out the first installment HERE.)

I've got several things on my list this month- and whether you like it or not- they mostly revolve around babies and crafts. I am who I am. :)

1. "Babies" the movie. Here's the official trailer:

I'd seen the previews for this documentary-style movie and wanted to rent it in the past- so when I got a free Redbox code last week, Shawn and I sat down to watch it.

It has NO narration whatsoever, and is so charming that even Shawn enjoyed it. We both had a favorite baby by the end of the movie. (If you do watch it, let me know who yours is!).

In the end, it was a great movie- I loved getting to see all the different cultures and approaches to taking care of a new person.

Hey, if that African baby can play face-down in the dirt for hours, mine should do just fine. :)


2. T-yarn (or t-shirt yarn)

(Image from Tangled Online Magazine)

If you've followed my blog for long, you know about my knitting habits. I've always got about 3 different projects going- it's not unusual to see random bits of yarn strung across the carpet. (Thank you, Lord, for a patient husband!) Recently I discovered t-yarn- or yarn that is made out of recycled t-shirts! I just made my first creation out of t-yarn- it's a gift for a friend, so I can't share just yet- but it was so much fun! HERE is a great tutorial on how to make it. 


3. The Texas Rangers


I can't say that I typically tune in while my husband is watching his sports- but I have been loving the ALCS series between the Rangers and the Yankees! So far, the Rangers are ahead and my favorite player is Bengie Molina- he's come through so many times for the team. Here's to a big win in Arlington! Go Rangers!


4. Xyron Sticker Maker

I bought this gadget at Hobby Lobby months ago in an impulsive moment. There aren't many scrapbooking-esque items that I will actually buy, since they tend to become wasted money and more clutter in my yarn-infested home (ewww, that sounds gross- it's not, I promise!). But this little machine is the coolest! Basically, I can send any type of paper design (in any shape I want) through the sticker maker, and it will come out with adhesive on the bottom. I don't have to cut off any edges- just peel it off and stick it! I've found so many uses for my own custom stickers. The refills are a hefty 14.99, but they last a good while. 

HERE's a cool tutorial on how to use it to make your own water bottle labels.


Hope you enjoyed my little list!