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moving sale! (moving my office, that is...)


I'm about to move my home office to our new store, and these are the items that I've been meaning to sell forever! Thought I'd offer them here before I put them on eBay next week. Please email me ( if you are interested!


24" iMac (Purchased 2008) 3.06 gHz, 2GB RAM, 500 GB HD  Needs a new logic board. Comes with power cord- no keyboard or mouse. $300


2 SB-900 Nikon Flashes $375 each

These are in perfect condition- one has velcro on the back for use with a Pocket Wizard. Each come with original box and all accessories. 


Quantum Turbo 2x2 Battery Pack $150

I bought this used several years ago along with another unit and have never used it. Comes with charger and cord for a Nikon flash.


Lexar Firewire CF Card Reader $35


Nikkor 14mm 2.8 Lens $950

This lens is amazing on full frame cameras. I used it for all of my wide shots before I upgraded to the 14-24mm. HERE is a great review of it.

Comes with original box and caps.


Quantum Turbo Compact Battery Pack $150

This little pack is well-loved but in great working condition! Comes with the charger and a cord for a Nikon flash. This cord is the shorter version, making it less bulky around the camera, since the battery pack mounts on the bottom.


Paul C. Buff Medium Octabox $100

Comes with bag. More Info


Velbon Tripod $15


The Morris C. Portable Softbox $45

This is great for travel because of the small size, and it mounts onto a speedlght. There is a small tear in one corner, easily fixed with some duct tape. :)


Lexmark Printer Ink (Cyan 100, Cyan 150, and Yellow 150) $25 for all


Canon Printer Ink (CLI-8- 2 Cyan, 2 Black, 1 Magenta) $40 for all