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joni + richard • engagement • lubbock, tx


I am so, so excited to get to shoot the wedding if this fun couple. When I first met Richard and Joni, Richard was not shy about his reservations with photographers- like many people, he'd had more than one awkward experience with a photographer, and couldn't justify the cost considering all the other expenses that come with a wedding. Joni, on the other hand, had done her research and decided that photography was a priority for her- can you imagine the pressure I was feeling heading into this shoot?!?

Well, it was so much fun. I think I was able to convince Richard that getting his photo taken should be FUN, and that it was all worth it to invest in their photography. I even got an email from Joni a few days after the shoot that said:

Hi Lissa,

Just wanted to thank you again for well...just being so great and making our photo session so relaxed and FUN!  I couldn't stop smiling for almost a half an hour afterward...hope my pictures aren't too "cheesey".  I hate to say that i think i'm "that girl" who just can't wait till you blog...anxious.  Thanks for a memorable photo shoot...I think Richard finally warmed up to the idea of a wedding photographer (thanks to you).  He also won't stop saying "holla" (also thanks to you)!!


Yes, I have a habit of yelling, "Holler!" - say it in a white girl with a Texas accent kind of way- when I really like a shot I'm getting...I know, I'm a dork...

 Well, Joni- here is your blog post! And you look absolutely gorgeous! Enjoy!