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eric + kristin • engagement • lubbock, tx

lissa-anglin3 Comments

Where do I start with this couple?!? I have known Eric for, pretty much, ever. We were the same age, our sisters were the same age, small it wasn't suprising. It wasn't until my junior-ish year in high school that I realized just how cool Eric was. I mean, he was hilarious! I'm so thankful that he was there to make me laugh at that point in my life.

It's been a while since then (10 years to be exact). I hadn't kept up with Eric as well as I wish I would have, but when I saw that his new fiancé was wanting to set up and Engagement Session I. was. pumped. I had so many questions about Kristin and wondered what she would be like- and hanging out with them just this one evening, I was amazed at how perfectly God had made them for each other! He jokes, she laughs- she explains, he listens. It was so much fun to see them together. And I took a lot of photos! Here are just a few of my many favorites.

From the bottom of my heart- congrats you guys! So happy for you!

Holy cow, Kristin, you are gorgeous.