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josh, suzanne, and tinley

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If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you know that last week I had a session that almost got rained out. Living in West Texas (where the weather changes constantly), and having been going through a drought, rain was the last thing I expected. Nonetheless, it was there- and I reluctantly called Suzanne, mostly to see if she was freaking out about it. I told her we could reschedule if it made her nervous, and her response was, "We won't melt! We're up for it!". LOVE IT!

Sure enough, the rain went away a few minutes before their session and we had some pretty overcast weather to shoot in. Miss Tinley is a year and a half, and is super sweet with a little bit of sassy, too. :) I loved getting to shoot with these guys. Now for some photos:

Check out that outie bellybutton! Too cute!