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My beautiful little sister, Layne, got married just a few weeks ago and I am so excited to share her bridal images with you! When I see these photos from now on, I will always remember the special "dress shopping" trip my Mom, sisters and I took to Dallas to help Layne find the perfect dress. She knew what she wanted- and it took a while- but in the end, she found it! And to add to the beauty, my other sister, Lauren, created the most gorgeous knot and sash to complete the look.

Shooting in the middle of winter is always a bit of a challenge- the sun sets so quickly and you only have a good 15 minutes to get that perfect golden sunlight. To add to that, Layne's dress had arrived late and she lives two hours away. We hadn't planned on shooting the day we did, but knowing that the wedding was coming quickly we made it happen! Thankfully, Layne was super easygoing, and my cousin who was doing her hair made some adjustments. It really was a family affair! Mom, Layne, and our friend Christina drove in just in time. 

Please check out HOUSEofLOVELY, my sister Lauren's site. She custom designs bridal accessories- sashes and knots like this one, garters, flowers, and veils. Each piece is totally unique!