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the ziegner family + a few canines • lubbock, tx

lissa-anglin2 Comments

Growing up, our family had 2 Scottie dogs and 2 litters. Now, Shawn and I have 2 Scottie dogs and we have had 2 litters.

The Ziegners have 2 Vislas, and 10 puppies! (Or rather, they did- they are all at their new homes now.)

I love, love, love this family! I have been photographing them for a few years now, and each time I get to see them is even more fun. This time, they had some adorable Visla puppies, and so we had to include them in the family photos. 

We shot this session at their home and let me tell you- shooting at someone's home is one of my favorite settings, because it is so personal and sentimental. Now that my parents have moved from my childhood home, I cherish the images I have of us in and around that house. 5 of their puppies had already gone home, and so I got to photograph the remaining 5.