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mark + tara • engagement • amarillo, tx

lissa-anglin1 Comment

We began shooting Mark and Tara's Engagement session at the grocery store. That's right. It happens to be a special place for them- where their "meet cute" happened. They'd known each other for years, but seeing each other this time, something was different. Shortly thereafter Mark found himself asking Tara's father for permission to date her....and then a little while after that, permission to marry her.  

These two were so easy to photograph- their chemistry is real and clear. Both are just fun people to be around. After hearing that they were the wine-and-cheese type, my Mom helped me throw together a few props to complete their session. (Thanks Mom!)

But the wine and cheese almost didn't happen- as we drove to the last location, it started raining. hard. I drove in denial for a while, refusing to turn on my windshield wipers. :) Thankfully, we were given a dry, peaceful little bit to shoot. God is good to us! 

Love these two and can't wait for their wedding!