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chris + tomiscena • engagement • lubbock, tx

lissa-anglin2 Comments

One of the biggest reasons I loved Chris + Tomiscena's engagement shoot was that it was full of sentiment. Each location we shot at was a special place for this couple- represented something, or was the actual place they enjoyed while getting to know each other. It seems simple, really- but I love that these images will be a direct reflection of this point in their lives. Looking back, I wish I had more photos of Shawn and myself at the Wayland Baptist cafeteria, or the gym, or in the neighborhood we both grew up in. I think it would only make my memories more colorful.

That's what I'm hoping these images do for these two. For our first location, they wore exactly what they'd been wearing on their first date, when they wandered into the children's book section at Barnes & Noble after dinner. Then, we went to their favorite park for evening walks. And lastly, we ended up at the National Ranching Heritage Center- an homage to Chris's many years working on ranches. 

They'll be getting married in a few short months- can't wait!