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he eats the heel.

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I'm certain that may be the most odd title I've had for a blog post yet. But it's what I kept thinking of this morning, as I walked around my home in amazement that 1) I was actually walking around, and 2) our house hadn't fallen apart yet.

A couple of days ago, I headed out to a very rare Sunday photoshoot. I typically reserve Sundays for my family, going to church and seeing our awesome support group of friends. It's a day I look forward to- a big drink of refreshing water right before the start of another workweek. This Sunday, however, I was happy to work for my clients who are both busting their tails to finish law and medical school- two institutions with unforgiving schedules. Before I headed out, a special wave of exhaustion and stress hit me. I was tired. Maybe my body was going, "Hey, isn't this your typical nap time?!?"

We were running late getting back from lunch (who would have thought Steak and Shake would take an hour and a half?!?) and the minutes I had before the photoshoot were dwindling away quickly. As I ran in the house, Shawn loaded my camera gear and the extra props I thought I might need. He poured a little bit of chocolate milkshake into a cup for me, and kissed me goodbye. On my way to meet my clients, I got a video of Knox saying, "We believe in you, Mommy! I love you!". Precious. There was nothing better for my heart. 

The photoshoot went fabulously. Every time I get out and shoot I am reminded just how blessed I am to have the job I do. Beautiful day, great clients. Being that it was a Sunday meant we had most of our locations to ourselves. It was really nice. 

The closer I got to home, however, the worse I felt. My stomach turned and my eyes wouldn't stay open. After a few minutes of investigation upon arriving home, Shawn said, "You've got a fever". The thermometer confirmed it. Our Sunday night plans were cancelled. I laid down. The next thing I knew, Shawn had taken Knox to get groceries for the week, and picked up some soup and meds for me. He had taken special care only to buy what we needed, and he bought it on sale- simply because he knew that's what I would have done.

I slept. And when I woke up the next day, I felt even worse. Thankfully, I had planned to take that day "off", and was encouraged by my husband to do so. Taking days "off" is something we mutually struggle with- our favorite joke is that as self-employed people, our bosses are total jerks! Shawn got Knox ready for school and made himself a lunch. About 10 am, after Shawn went to work and Knox was at school, I went back to sleep and didn't wake up for another 5 hours. Then, after a short snack, I went back to sleep for another 3 hours. The day was a blur. 

Shawn called to check on me. Before coming home, he brought me a latte. Lattes = my love language. :) He never complained. He picked up Knox from school, made dinner, did the dishes, bathed the kiddo, and put him to bed. I didn't do one. thing. that day…other than sleep.

And then I woke up today. Feeling almost 100% better. I'm sure that has something to do with the medicine and the rest, but I'm positive it has everything to do with my husband. He serves me (and Knox) so well.

He eats all of my "experiment" dinners. He doesn't complain about the leftovers of said dinners. He tells me to rest. He gives me my "alone time". He goes to work every day and is thankful for the work, even though retail is one of the toughest businesses I know. He chooses to dream, to be optimistic even when I am SO glass-half-empty. And he eats the heel of the loaf of bread. Who does that?!?

In 8 years of marriage, I am more romanced by my husband's small everyday sacrifices than any big romantic gestures. It's when I see him quietly serving, consistently choosing to act with integrity- even when no one would know but myself- that I know I made the right choice. 

Thank you for serving us well, Shawn. I love you!