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Amazingly, as wedding season and the weather heats up, we have been able to have many special moments in the past couple months. It's been a growing year for our family- one where we've consistently had opportunities and responsibilities and more time than money and sometimes more money than time! As parents, I know we'll look back on this season as one where we established a lot of things for our little family of 3…there have been times where we've needed to huddle in close together, or go on an adventure, or remove all pressure and just be. Here are a few of those "soak it in" moments we've had in the past month or so...

Knox's school had an Easter egg hunt, and though I remembered to bring candy and eggs, I forgot his Easter basket. So, my kid had to hunt with a plastic bag. I know, Mother of the Year. But honestly, he could have cared less. :) They also got to hold a real bunny. I can't express to you how precious it was to visibly see how much he loved that little bunny. Upon placement of the bunny in his lap, he said, "Mommy, he looooooves me."

One of Knox's friends, Barrett, invited him to a very special birthday party where they got to ride horses! Barrett is obsessed with farm animals and barns and this was such a neat idea. I started to worry Knox may have some hesitation about it, but he jumped right on and soaked it up. This mama was loving all the photo opps. Love these sweet friends.

Last week we got to journey with the Pedroza family to Crested Butte, Colorado. It was a long (14 hour) drive, but amazingly the kids did great, and we got to enjoy time talking on the way. The Pedrozas live in Germany and are church planters- the last time we got to see them in person was a couple of years ago. So face-to-face time was wonderful! Of course, the Anglin family did not check the weather when packing, so we ended up with absolutely nothing to wear in the winter wonderland we ended up in. :) Thankfully, the cabin we stayed in was fully stocked with 80's-style ski suits and accessories, which we embraced with some sentiment, knowing this wasn't the first time in our lives we'd worn neon puff and played in the snow. 

It was beautiful and peaceful. We all had a good combination of quality time with each other and some alone time as well. We also ventured into the town of Crested Butte and found some good coffee. I loved the aesthetics of this place:

One afternoon Katlyn had the idea to paint faces and the kids loved it! We let them paint ours as well. Knox wanted Batman, and after I did his face I asked him if he could fly. You could see the lightbulb go off in his head. His arms popped out perpendicularly, and he went swooshing about the cabin. Of course he could fly.

I feel like this first image is their band photo. 

One of the most incredible parts of the cabin were the two guestbooks there. Because this cabin was built with a missionary retreat in mind, the pages were filled with words from mission workers from all over the world that had retreated to the cabin. Reading their comments and realizing the true enormity of the global work being done was incredible. This retreat was a true gift for us and we are so glad we got to go!

So, those are our latest adventures. It's sure to be a packed we are doing our best to savor every moment.