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the armes family • lubbock, tx

lissa-anglin5 Comments

I'm always so honored when clients call me back year after year to shoot their family portraits. Not only is in neat for me to get to see their kiddos grow, but it's just so nice and easy when you're already used to each other. You might recognize these familiar faces from their session last year or the year before. I just love this family- they make me so excited about a little boy! 

These guys are getting so big! I just love that they both have those dimples.

Greg and Wendy are always so easygoing in their approach to the photoshoot- it really allows me to get authentic moments and allows the boys to relax enough that they'll give me a genuine smile every now and then. :)

I love what's going on in this image- I imagine it's like this a lot at home! :)