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baby ryder • newborn • lubbock, tx

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Almost a year ago I got to shoot with Ryan and Tiffanie, and then they told me how badly they wanted a baby. It had been a matter of great patience and prayer for them- and sure enough, just a few months later they had some great news to share!

I got to visit baby Ryder and his awesome parents in the hospital just a couple of days after he was born. He was perfect from the get-go! This was his first "official" photoshoot, so I was really excited to try out a few things with this sweet one. This was Ryder's first time to be out in the open air (without the comfort of a carseat, blanket or Mommy and Daddy), and he loved it! Hope you enjoy the pictures!


I asked Tiffanie to bring some of Ryan's sweaters. The texture of the fabric looks so pretty against that baby soft skin, but I also love the sentiment it brings to the image.


Ryan is a drummer and custom made this snare drum himself. Love this!


Just in case the above image makes you nervous, here is the one shot just before it:


The image on the left was an in-betweener. Ryder was getting changed and we couldn't help but notice how cute he was just hanging out with his little shoes on!