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the dietz family • lubbock, tx

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I'm not sure I'll forget the conversation I had with Shanna when she said, " looks like we may be moving. We're putting our house on the market". At the time, I was in a bit of shock- which turned to anger after I decided to stuff my ugly emotions deep down into my heart instead of dealing with them. These are some of our closest friends. They made the move to Lubbock with us. How could they leave? They'd been praying for God to provide a job at a church for Zach. But really? Did they need to put their house on the market? At the time they didn't even have any serious job prospects. 

I found myself in the middle of a worship set a few weeks later, when I had a conversation with God I'll never forget either. I told God how frustrated I was that they would put their house on the market. Sure, they're doing it in faith, but they had just had baby #2 and the last thing they needed was the added stress. It just didn't make sense. 

And God said to me, "Wouldn't you rather have friends who are listening to my voice rather than pursuing their own selfish ambitions?"

Whoa. Yes, yes I would. If they are listening to God, he'll provide everything they need. If they are listening, and they do move, God will take care of everyone- including me. I don't know best. God does. And He's interested in my best- and theirs.

Fast forward to a few Sundays ago, when I found myself in that same place where God and I had our first conversation. Zach and Shanna were missing from their typical spots in the worship center. I missed them. But the word "restoration" came to mind, and it was clear to me that His provision in their lives was just a taste of how He wants to restore all of our lives. God had taken our friends from a frustrating, stressful position and placed them just where they needed to be.  They'd remained faithful to trust His promises for them. It wasn't easy- but I am so thankful I got an up-close view. 

Zach led worship at their new church last week and I wish I could have teleported myself there for it. Thankfully, they didn't land too far away so we will still get to see them! We shot these images just before they left. I was excited to photograph Dax and baby Gus, who is changing so quickly!

Love you, Dietz family! So thankful to have lived life in the same town with you for so long. Here's to many more memories.